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Definitions for terms or phrases used throughout the strategic plan process.

Brand – A brand is an organization’s promise to, and reputation among, its customers. It defines what they can expect from the institution, and differentiates it from competitors. It is derived from who we are, who Indiana Tech wants to be and who people perceive us to be.

Brand Ambassador – An individual who advocates or promotes an organization’s brand.

Brand Strategy – The long-term plan through which an organization defines its brand.

Brand Study – Conducted by SimpsonScarborough, the Indiana Tech brand study surveyed current students, prospective students, alumni, faculty and staff to assess current perceptions of Indiana Tech, and to identify areas of opportunity for the creation of a compelling, cohesive brand in the higher education marketplace.

Campus Master Plan – A long-range plan for the university’s facilities and infrastructure.

Co-Curricular Learning – Experiences designed in collaboration with the degree curriculum to enhance career-focused learning. This may include service learning.

College of Professional Studies (CPS) – Indiana Tech’s name for a non-traditional education program which was designed for adult learners. CPS courses are offered in face-to-face, online and hybrid formats.

Goal – A broad primary outcome that an individual or group strives to achieve. A strategy is the approach one takes to achieve a goal.

Mission – A statement that identifies why the organization exists and defines its purpose in the marketplace.

Modalities – Different methods by which an educational experience is delivered. For Indiana Tech, these methods include traditional Day School and College of Professional Studies (CPS) evening, weekend and online delivery formats.